SuperSoul AudioVidz App

Play your favourite music videos on the go! Create custom playlists to play on parties or with friends.

SuperSoul AudioVidz offers a range of special features, including:

  • The ability to create custom playlists with songs from your music library or directly from YouTube
  • The possibility to store and share your playlists on Facebook and Twitter and have other AudioViz users play it
  • Full screen video mode
  • The option to manually select music videos
  • The freedom to mirror music videos via Apple TV and Chromecast

SuperSoul AudioVidz features an incredible self-learning algorithm that actually retrieves music videos faster and more accurate as more users enjoy the app.

See which song was Number 1 in the charts on the day you were born, on your 18th birthday or any other significant day in your life! Have loads of fun browsing through old songs and automatically see their music videos on YouTube!

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